Frequently Asked Questions

What appliances do you repair?

•Water leaks from the connection or seals between the tub and the door
•Failure to perform to standard, such as when sanitizing dishes
•Failure to drain Broken motors or control panels

Washer & Dryers
• Broken spin cycles
•Weird noises, odd vibrations, the dreaded “clunk”
•Failure of the washer to properly drain
•Stopping mid-cycle
•Lack of heat from the dryer
•Error code on the control panel
•Failure to turn on (or off)
•Water leaks, broken seals

•Properly aligning doors and panels
•Water machine malfunction
•Water leaks
•Not cooling

Stove & Ovens
•Heat sensor malfunction
•Broken door hinges and panels
•Malfunctioning control panel Damaged coils and stove-top elements
•Faulty circuit breakers
•Gas flow problems
•Pilot light problems
•Gas burner repairs

Are you insured?

Our technicians are fully licensed,  and insured.

Do you offer same day service?

We focus on same-day or next-day repairs. Some conditions apply.

Do you have warranty?

We take our commitment to customer satisfaction very serious and as such we provide the following warranty:
•90 Day Parts Warranty
•90 Day Labor Warranty (on installed parts)
•30 Day Warranty on Service Call

NOTE: This warranty applies to repairs paid for by the customer to Bow Appliance Repair. Any repair done on behalf of a Manufacturer or extended warranty provider would be subject to that providers warranty policies.